Vertical Form,Fill £¦ Seal Machine

This machine is rational structure adjustment convenient positioning servo motors, vacuum suction membrane, scraper device can be installed to ensure that the product patent. This function packaging, Peng products, potato chips, candy, melon seeds, categories, jelly, chocolate and other products.

capacity 5-80rpm(depending on various conditions)
Bag size 50-250mm ( W ) ¡Á 70-300 mm ( L)
Packaging material: OPP/CPP,OPP/PE,Aluminum metallized PP,PET/PE,N/PE,etc
Film web size: 125-520mm¡Á70-300mm( Cut off length )
Power consumption: 3phase, 200V,20A, about5kW
Air consumption 0.6Mpa 420NL/min(100rpm)
Machine dimension: 1160mm *1850mm *1600mm(height)
Machine net weight: Approx. 700Kg
Options: Date printer,Bag tube shutter with air blast,Perforator,"C" shape hole punch,Wrinkle spreader,Gusseting device.Side belt feed system,Hopper shaker,etc.



1. Dual frequency conversion control.Bag length can be set and cutin one step. Saving time and film .

2.Reasonable construct. Stable working performance and PLC computer control. Easy operation.


Packaging various kinds of regular objects like biscuits. Bread. Egg roll. Instant noodle. Mooncake .medicine. Hardware. Industrial parts. Paper boxes. Plates. etc.

Bag size height 30-75mm width 50-150mm long 80-320mm
Adj ust able height 30-80mm width 55-155mm
Film web size 130-375mm  width 50-400mm  §¶320mm
Capacity 600-720 bags/h
Power supply 3Boxes 200V
Power consumption 2.5KW
Air consumption 500Kpa 50L/min(normal)
weight 600KG