CF-02 Automatic Case Erector£º


1.compact and durable design,easy to operate.

2.Bottom belts driven suit for sealing light carton.

Carton size L:200-550mm W:180-400mm H:80-400mm
Table height 550¡À100mm
Working speed 720Boxes/ h(max)
Machine size L:1700mm W:1927mm H:1500mm
Power AC200V¡«380V 3A Royal voltage system: DC24V
Pneumatic 0.5MPA about 350nl/min
Tape width long£º500£­1000m width£º38-50mm The largest diameter£º400mm
net weight About£º600Kg

ECF-02 Semi-Auto Carton Erector:

It can complete foldout and bending of the lower part, and complete adherence of adhesive tape for the upper part simultaneously, which saves labor; Correct the right angle automatically; Easy adjustment for size of large and small cartons, wide application; Easy operation and low cost.

Carton size L:200-550mm W:180-440mm H:100-400mm
Table height 600¡À50mm
Working speed 480Boxes/h
Machine size L:1600mm W:748mm H:1330mm
Power AC200V¡«380V 50/60Hz 0.5KW
Pneumatic 0.5MPA 70¡«100nl/min
Tape width Long£º500¡«1000M width:38¡«50mm The largest diameter£º400mm
net weight About 170Kg