Combination Weighed


KBF - 670C aircraft supporting measures for the Japanese intelligent combination of scales, weighing instrument company and the Japanese company a long time I maintained a good cooperative relationship, its intelligent combination weigh strong function.


R Belt Conveyor£º

Standard Specification

Belt wide£º200mm 300mm 400mm 500mm

Machine wide.£º475mm 575mm 675mm 775mm

Form factor£º£¨Units£ºmm£©

>R Belt Conveyor

The main technical parameters£º£¨Units£ºmm£©

ante£º 450¡¢ 900¡¢ 1800
height£º 500—1,100 ±30mm
Power consumption£º 100W¡¢ 200W
Power supply£º AC 100V-240V
Belt speed£º MAX50m£¯min
ability£º 5kg£¯Tai